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ThinPoint™ Application Beaming

Beam your enterprise applications anywhere! No need to modify software or change network infrastructure - even with legacy apps. Also control which users may access which apps.

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  • Cloud based instant VPN connection built in
  • Resource sharing enhances performance
  • Access via remote PCs and mobile devices
NetLeverage ThinPoint VDI

ThinPoint™ Application & desktop delivery

ThinPoint clients

"We are delighted with ThinPoint, and the support we've had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been superb."

Johan Pieterse - Head of Operations and Security for the Racing Post

"We have tried number of other Server based computing products in our school. ThinPoint is much better. I don't hesitate to recommend it to other schools and businesses. It just works!"

Ian Scott – Director of IT, St. Andrews Cathedral School

"ThinPoint has provided us with a solution which is easy to manage, easy to use and needs no staff retraining. The product has delivered a cost-effective solution which means that staff can effectively and efficiently work whenever and wherever is most convenient."

Peter Coates – IT Manager, Woodrush High School

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Application beaming

Deliver all of your business applications to every user who needs them, no matter where they are. ThinPoint enables you to centralise business information and management using nothing more than your existing IT infrastructure.

Providing seamless access to applications, ThinPoint offers user and group level permissions so that each individual user may be presented with only the applications they need. And with Active Directory and eDirectory support, managing of permissions and user accounts requires no additional work.

Load sharing is a key feature of ThinPoint, enabling the client-end device to share in the resource load. ThinPoint will make best use of client CPU, graphics and memory resources, which means that the server requires far less hardware resource than in traditional VDI deployments. In addition, load balancing constantly monitors available resources, and will, for example, use more server resources if the client device starts to take on more local load.

Applications - modern and legacy - can be delivered to any network-connected device. WebPoint enables you to webify any ThinPoint server session and core business application in a private, secure and efficient way.

Remote desktop

If you need to make more efficient and higher performance use of your Terminal Services licences, ThinPoint enables you to provide complete Remote Desktop services.

Making use of ThinPoint's load sharing capabilities and overall communications efficiency, customers often report dramatic improvements in Remote Desktop performance. The ThinPoint client will also automatically configure local resources such as drives and printers if this is allowed by the administrator.

Windows roaming profiles are supported, while session recovery means that if communications are interrupted, or a computer goes offline, the user's session is re-established when things get back to normal. Further, in an environment where more than one server is providing remote access services, one of the other servers can take over a session in the event of server failure.

Communications efficiency is borne out by the fact that services can be delivered with as little as 10Kb bandwidth, or around 50% less than services which use RDP.

ThinPoint VDI Highlights

ThinPoint VDI ClientThinPoint has been independently reviewed by as the leading desktop virtualisation product. Some of the features that the review highlights are:

  • Simplest desktop virtualisation ever
  • Includes a flexible VPN
  • Flexible application publishing
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