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ThinPoint™ Resource Efficiency

Dynamic load balancing uses local resources when available, minimising server resource requirements and server cost. 2400/1 per blade server virtual desktop density.

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  • Brokered connections for cloud access
  • Built in 128b AES VPN
  • Single install for all users
NetLeverage ThinPoint VDI

ThinPoint™ VDI highlights

ThinPoint clients

"We are delighted with ThinPoint, and the support we've had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been superb."

Johan Pieterse - Head of Operations and Security for the Racing Post

"We have tried number of other Server based computing products in our school. ThinPoint is much better. I don't hesitate to recommend it to other schools and businesses. It just works!"

Ian Scott – Director of IT, St. Andrews Cathedral School

"ThinPoint has provided us with a solution which is easy to manage, easy to use and needs no staff retraining. The product has delivered a cost-effective solution which means that staff can effectively and efficiently work whenever and wherever is most convenient."

Peter Coates – IT Manager, Woodrush High School

Racing Post Woodrush High School Toyota TimeOut London

Desktop virtualisation

  • Any application can be presented using ThinPoint with just a few clicks - even legacy apps
  • Applications can be presented via web browser
  • Remote access from thin client, Windows, Linux and MAC clients, plus mobile devices
  • Seamless remote access to Terminal Server desktops and ThinPoint published applications
  • Increase business productivity by instantly provisioning and delivering business applications and desktops to users
  • Simple and cost-effective solution for establishing your virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Concurrent licensing means you only pay for what you use


  • Minimal bandwidth required - ThinPoint maximises the use of the local client processor & graphics
  • Resource allocation - Intelligent CPU & memory allocation for each user application
  • Up to 120 virtual desktop per desktop host (server) hardware, 2400/1 per blade server virtual desktop density
  • Local and server resource management per application per session for much smoother remote user experience
  • The solution scales with your usage, and is licenced on a concurrent rather than per user basis
  • No Terminal Services licences for application beaming

Setting up

  • Easy to set up - on any hardware... even with a desktop computer acting as a server if necessary
  • Use existing tools to manage ThinPoint virtual desktop environment
  • Simplify IT management task by installing, securing and upgrading all user applications and desktops from a single Windows desktop OS image
  • Supports local drive mapping, local printing and remote multimedia
  • Works with as little as 10K bandwidth
  • Provide same level of IT services to branch offices without replicating data & infrastructure


  • Remote users have secure, fast access to your corporate network and applications
  • AES 128 bit secure VPN is built in
  • Firewalls, infrastructure and applications need no changes nor reconfiguration
  • Out-of-box USB two-factor authentication client
  • Application publishing with user and group permission to applications with AD and E-Directory support
  • 100% Support for Windows™ roaming profile

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