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ThinPoint™ Simple Local Printing

ThinPoint detects local printers which are available to the client. Users just print as normal and pick up their output in the office, at home... wherever they are.

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  • Automatic local printing, dynamically configured
  • ThinPoint desktop client or through a browser
  • USB key deployment - encrypted drive
NetLeverage ThinPoint VDI

How ThinPoint works

ThinPoint clients

"We are delighted with ThinPoint, and the support we've had from Trustco throughout the testing, installation and ongoing support has been superb."

Johan Pieterse - Head of Operations and Security for the Racing Post

"We have tried number of other Server based computing products in our school. ThinPoint is much better. I don't hesitate to recommend it to other schools and businesses. It just works!"

Ian Scott – Director of IT, St. Andrews Cathedral School

"ThinPoint has provided us with a solution which is easy to manage, easy to use and needs no staff retraining. The product has delivered a cost-effective solution which means that staff can effectively and efficiently work whenever and wherever is most convenient."

Peter Coates – IT Manager, Woodrush High School

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ThinPoint approach

ThinPoint breaks the VDI mould, providing a new, more cost-effective and more easy to manage approach to desktop virtualisation.

In traditional VDI, each user gets their own virtual operating system and desktop. With ThinPoint, a single operating system instance is shared between users, significantly reducing licencing, maintenance, storage and backup resources.

ThinPoint Virtual Private Desktop

This approach makes deployment much quicker and easier too - only one operating system to install; one system to configure; reduced hardware requirements for the server.

The Virtual Private Desktop (VPD)

ThinPoint builds multiple VPDs over a single physical hardware platform and single operating system instance. Each user has their own VPD which provides access to the applications or desktop which they need. This approach offers a higher level of software compatibility, session density, overall performance and manageability than traditional VDI systems.

Publishing with ThinPoint

Publishing with ThinPoint is a simple process. The administrator just chooses an application, folder or desktop, then specifies any initial options such as start-up folder or application arguments. Then the authorised users are established, and on completion the app/folder/desktop is immediately available to the relevant users.

ThinPoint Application Publishing

Applications may need to invoke further applications. For example, a browser session for the corporate intranet may give access to MS Office documents. When the user chooses such a file, the relevant MS Office application will start up whithin the ThinPoint session if enabled.


Find out more about different deployment scenarios

ThinPoint can be used in a number of different ways. Download this document which discusses varous deployment scenarios and shows how simple it is to deploy ThinPoint.

  • Application beaming - access to chosen software
  • Remote desktop - full desktop access from anywhere
  • Access your own PC - direct access to your PC

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