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ThinPoint™ Virtual Private Desktop

ThinPoint is the fastest, most secure and cost effective way of providing remote access to software applications from any Mac, Windows, Linux computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  • Uses client CPU, memory, graphics
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • Integrates with Active Directory
NetLeverage ThinPoint VDI

Beam applications anywhere

  • Instantly webify legacy applications
  • No need to update or redevelop your applications
  • ThinPoint virtual desktop makes apps instantly available on the web
  • Any networked or internet device, e.g. laptop, iPad, smartphone, MAC
Application Beaming

Keeping costs down

  • Terminal Services licences not required for application beaming
  • No remote application installation or maintenance
  • VDI with minimal bandwidth requirements
  • Use existing local printers - seamlessly added
Application Beaming

Widely compatible

  • VDI compatible with Thin Client, Windows, Linux & MAC clients
  • Local drives and printers automatically mapped, if allowed
  • Authentication via AD, E-directory, LDAP
  • Supports Windows roaming profiles & two-factor authentication
Application Beaming

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